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My name is Joseph Holder and I am learning to master web development and design. My skills are in HTML, CSS and curently learning javascript, jQuery and photoshop. I enjoy what I make and I appreciate the work I create. I work for a company called House of kaizen where I do CRO and have learnt a lot since joining as an apprentice.

My profile

Currently working as an apprentice in a website development, ecommerce and conversion rate optimisation company. Have a high level of competency in IT and computing. I am proficient in HTML and CSS as well as having experience with JavaScript and JQuery. My goal is to work in the technology sector as a programmer or a front-end developer. Confident and experienced in Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Outlook. Highly organised and reliable.

My Projects


To the bottom left is a snake game that I created using JavaScript.The middle image is a dice game create using JavaScript. It is my first JavaScript application. Directly below is an animated image created entirely from HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

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Key development skills


  • Proficient at HTML. Have used it to code my own websites e.g
  • Also used HTML code to modify client websites.
  • Have used Semantic UI customs as a framework for building websites.
  • Can use HTML in combination with CSS, Javascript and jQuery


  • Proficient at CSS. Have used it to code my own websites.
  • For split testing (A/B testing), used CSS to override previously code to create specific changes to be tested.


  • Learned and used JavaScript to have an understanding of JQuery.
  • Used it to build a selection of games and interactive sites.


  • Used JQuery to edit the HTML to create dynamic HTML.
  • This led to there being multiple variations of the same site for testing.



I am an Arsenal supporter and I believe in Arteta Out! I have enjoyed playing and watching football since I can remember.


I found a hobby in Art towards the later part of high school where I enjoyed drawing. I enjoy drawing because of the different types of shading you can get with just one colour. This is the reason this website using many different shades of gray. I found that one of my most enjoyable projects was inspired by Max Ernst's impression paintings.

I enjoy

I aslo enjoy going on holiday and relaxing by the beach. I enjoy taking pictures and using filters to create dramatic effects.